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W/e though, I wanna write something.

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Had a dream that was like a combination of Labyrinth and Ducktales with elements of the Muppets where I was lost inside on the 3rd level of this large house/hotel that at least several different levels around and was full of many doors and corridors that could-and in a small way did-make the ultimate place to play hide-and-go-seek. I found myself in this room occupied by this man who I figure was a bad man so I spent the entire time I was in his “room” or “level” hiding from him and tricking him into eventually defeating himself and once I did that I procceded to talk things from his domain before departing from that room back to the house’s hallways and my family.

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The lovechild of Terezi Pyrope and Gamzee Makara?

Meet Tyrzil Makope.

She has the blood of Gamzee, with the appearance of her mother, Terezi. Despite her CLOWNISH ANTICS and FITS OF ANGER, she holds a GREAT LOVE for the JUSTICE SYSTEM, though it is a TOSS UP on whether she becomes a SUBJUGGULATOR or a LEGISLACERATOR.

As opposed to her TROLL FATHER, a feet UNHEARD OF, TYRZIL holds a FONDNESS for SWIMMING and goes into the water to AVOID him, dispite the need to REAPPLY her FACEPAINT once she exits the water.


Ye… And that’s all I can think of right now. Do you like? :o)

heheh it’s amazing very nice!  She’s cute! >:]

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Super Robot Wars (Z Collection 1): Swords

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Gran Kaiser & Gravion from Chojushin Gravion by Masami Obari

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You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

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